Yew and box-tree grove

Aleksandr Demyanchuk/ТАSS
The yew and box-tree grove is a unique old-growth forest in the Khosta District of Sochi, which has existed since before Ice Age, miraculously surviving both major construction projects and great natural calamities. Even though it has seen some major damage from the boxwood fungus in the past two years, the grove is still spell-bindingly beautiful.

Specially appointed pathways lead the tourists through the thickets, precipitous rocks and stone labyrinths past the ruins of an 11th/12th-century fortress and some caves, dead-ending at a turbulent mountain stream. The sprawling tops of the mighty, ages-old yews keep most of the grove in the cool shade even on a scorching summer day.

There are two excursion routes one can follow, two and five kilometres long. On the way, you can rest in the secluded arbours or on benches. The sign-posts will inform you of the local florae and faunae, as well as the directions.