Frunze Park

Sergei Bobylev/ТАSS
The local authorities set sights on this wooded hillside, sloping down to the sea, about a hundred years ago, deciding to convert it to a place of recreation and amusement. They had palm-trees, oleanders, magnolias and a few flower gardens planted here. The park was initially named Vereshchaginsky after the former owners of the land, then renamed Yermolovsky after the Minister of Agriculture and Government Estates, and finally named after Mikhail Frunze, an eminent Soviet statesman, in the 1930s. The summer theatre, built in the middle of the park in 1937, was also named after Frunze.

Like almost every park in Sochi, this one has a fountain, encircled by the busts of Russian composers. It’s right next to a snow-white Mauritanian arbour of extraordinary beauty. Relaxing on one of the comfortable benches, listen to the tumult of the sea, which is perfectly audible here. The typical seaside resort feel notwithstanding, local sports lovers come here to work out. Outdoor workout machines are deployed for them in one of the lanes.