Arts Square

Sergei Bobylev/ТАSS
Arts Square is a busy plaza in front of Sochi’s Art Museum, between Kurortny Prospekt and Ulitsa Ordzhonikidze. The Lenin monument in the middle is, to this day, a magnet for the members of the Communist Party, who hold their meetings and commemorative rallies here.  

The figurines of animals, dancers and musicians, populating the long flowerbed in the middle of the square, look fantastic at night, when illumination turns on. On either side of the main entrance, next to the two fountains, you can observe the creations of the local artist, Akop Khalafian: The Golden Fleece, which evokes the myth of the Argonauts, some bronze pumpkins and a family of eagle-owls. In the side-lanes of the park, local artists and craftsmen put their artworks and artefacts on display.