Embankment of the River Sochi

Sergei Bobylev/ТАSS
The embankment of the River Sochi, stretching along Ulitsas Chaikovskogo and Konstitutsii, lined with sycamores and chestnut trees, wakes up in the early hours of the morning, when the first anglers and joggers appear on the scene. The banks of the Sochi become more populous a little later, when people start going to work. Later still, it’s time for young moms with baby carriages. At midday, the embankment fills with seniors, coming out to chat and enjoy some fresh air.  

In the evening, the embankment becomes the city’s top happening spot. Kids get the run of a huge playground. Amateur athletes hit the outdoor work-out machines on the plaza. The embankment offers a majestic view of the mountains in the distance, where the River Sochi has its source. The river is prone to all but dry up during a particularly arid spell in summer, but once the rains return, the Sochi becomes its torrential self again, roaring amid the rocky banks, lest we forget that the Sochi is a genuine mountain stream.