Riviera Park

Aleksandr Demianchuk/TASS
From the Historical Museum, make your way down to the quay and then proceed to Riviera Park. The park was first opened in the late nineteenth century and until the revolution, it really was a riviera: people came here to walk along shady alleys, breath in the fresh air, admire the sea view and drink champagne in the pavilions. In May 1961, the Alley of Cosmonauts was founded in the park: the first magnolia here was planted by the first Soviet cosmonaut, Yury Gagarin. Riviera Park is now a typical leisure park, with attractions catering to every taste: tennis courts and sports fields, and the Green Theatre - the main stage for summer performances by local and visiting artists, from Larisa Dolina and Zemfira to Nazareth and Smokie.