Yury Bashmet’s winter international art festival

Each year the event becomes more and more spectacular and now along with classical music gets audience acquainted with the art of cinema, theatre and ballet. The success of the festival is in many ways an achievement of its art director maestro Bashmet. He brings to Sochi not only two of his creations -the State symphonic orchestra Novaya Rossiya and the ensamble Solisty Moskvy, but also gathers the best performers from all over the world. On the stage of the Winter theatre and the Organ hall of the resort there were performances of the Bolshoi theatre artists and the Vienna State Opera, the stars of the Covent Garden Royal Theatre, The Mariinsky theatre, the Vakhtangov Academic theatre, the Maly Dramatic theatre of Saint-Petersburg, the Moscow theatre Pyotr Fomenko studio, the famous Milan marionette theatre Carlo e Gigli. Bashmet is not afraid of mixing classical and contemporary music, inviting the folk group Pelageya, the jazz singer Nino Katamadze or creating concerts with the star of Russian rock music Diana Arbenina. The invited artists also conduct workshops and give lessons to small children.