Sea cruises

Artur Lebedev/TASS

The sea in Sochi has become a source for the most colorful entertainment activities and impressions. Sea cruises represent one of these attractions. Almost in every local beach the tourists can take a banana ride or a ride on some other equipment. You may start a trip to the sea from any quay in each region. Traditionally the sea cruises take place along the sea shore some hundred meters from the shore, where wonderful views to the town open.

The biggest choice of powerboats, yachts, motor ships and catamarans for a ride in the Sochi sea port. You won’t need to be searching for the tickets offices for a long time: right beside the entrance of the port and near all the open quays there are people inviting you to buy a ticket. There you can buy a ticket for a big catamaran or go on a 1-hour sea cruise along the sea shore.