Trout farm

One of the places you should definitely visit while in Adler district of Sochi is the trout factory, which is located on the way to Krasnaya polyana. There in the lakes with purest water – it is the one, where only can live the trout fish – there are thousands of fish of different types, including the one fish-farmed in Sochi – the coast rainbow trout Adler and Adlerskaya yantarnaya.

Today this is the only factory in Russia, which provides fish seeds and caviar for fish-farming to other fish farms in the country. Tourists may also come on a tour there. You can come on an excursion to the farm and find out everything about the fish-farming of the “royal fish”. The most captivating experience is feeding of huge fish in open ponds.

The main part of the program is a meal in the tasting hall. In the farm shop you may buy fresh fish, as well as semi-processed food and caviar.