Sergey Bobulyov /TASS

In Sochi you can go on a sea fishing trip and spend some time with a fishing rod near a lake.

The sea along the Sochi shore has a lot of fish, which lives there all year round or migrates depending on the season. The local fishermen fish for mullet and goatfish, horse mackerel and scomber, red-finned mullet and sea rockfish, sea breams and scorpion fish, flitch and garfish. Tourists also try their fishing luck and go to sea on a yacht or a powership with fishing rods. Many companies in different regions of the resort may organize such leisure activities with any duration.

Sea fishing "Fordevind"

Address: Central district, Tchernomorskaya Ulitsa, 15

Tel: 7 (862) 236 61 61



Recreation centre "Achigvarskoe ozero"

Address: Adler District, Bananovaya Ulitsa, 144

Tel: 7 (918) 918 41 46; 7 (918) 405 96 98