Central market

Sergey Bobylev/TASS

Not far from the railway station on the bank of the river Sochi there is the modern building of the Central market. It is housed on several floors, while the large pavilions with air-conditioning and escalators resemble a serious shopping mall. One of the markets managed to keep its Caucasus style. On each floor there are specific goods: on one of the floors you may find meat, on some others – dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The same as during older times the vendors invite the customers to try the products, they cannot restrain from emotional descriptions and recommendations while you are choosing.

On the vegetable market, you can buy wonderful sets of Caucasian spices and different types of herbs, as well as Sochi tea, the products of the local farmers, try specific Caucasian desserts – churchkhela and pastille. The fans of homemade drinks will be satisfied with the great number of juices and wines. The prices on the Central market are higher, then on other smaller markets, that is why don’t forget to bargain.