Kamerny Teatr "Zamok na Peske" (The "Castle on the Sand" Chamber Theatre)

Artur Lebedev/TASS

Since 2004, the Avtomobilist House of Culture in the centre of Sochi has housed the "Castle on the Sand" chamber theatre. Those who work in the theatre are graduates of drama schools and colleges, as well as simple theatre lovers. Besides staging plays, the theatre also offers a drama studio. The theatre has no specific genre and puts on plays by Russian and foreign playwrights alike. The atmosphere is welcoming and homey: the actors may be amateurs, but the environment they create is always warm and inviting. Visitors may feel they have come to see old friends, with whom they can experience joy and sadness, sorrow and inspiration. Having welcomed audiences for over a decade, the theatre was granted the title of "People’s Theatre". The troupe takes part in a wide variety of festivals and tours. The theatre also frequently stages plays for charity.