The Zoo at Oktyabrsky Sanatorium

Artur Lebedev/TASS

One of the sanatoriums at the resort has its own small zoo, which boasts an astonishing array of animals. Visitors are especially fascinated by the exotic inhabitants such as the albino kangaroos, ligers (a cross between a lion and a tiger), black jaguar and white Bengal tigers, the cheetah and African white lion. All the animals breed well, which is not always the case in larger zoos. Each year sees the arrival of new tiger cubs, who are then raised by dogs. The Sochi zoo has also seen the birth of liger cubs and baby llamas. Besides its more unusual inhabitants, the zoo is also populated by the traditional lynx, camel, leopard, lama and fox. The zoo is open not only to guests at the Oktyabrsky Sanatorium, but to all visitors wishing to experience its magic.