Gorky Gorod All-Season Alpine Resort

Valery Matytsin/ТАSS
The all-season mountain resort Gorky Gorod besides mountain routes also includes a number of hotels, convention centres, SPA centres, a mall and amusements park with water slides, cinema, cafés, restaurants and nightclubs. Three chair and gondola ropeways bring the tourists up to the three transfer levels of Gornaya Karusel, stretched along the side of the Aibga Ridge. Snowshoe hiking and downhill skiing are the two main options available to outdoor adventure lovers in wintertime. There are 25km of downhill skiing/snowboarding tracks, varying in complexity, descending from 2300m to 960m above sea level. The tourists may ski during the day or at night, when the tracks are illuminated. In summer, tourists are offered guided mountain hikes, extreme downhill biking, and the excitement of an extreme rope-course park.