Lazarevskoe Park of Culture and Recreation

Sergei Bobylev/ТАSS

The foremost landmark in the Lazarevskoe Culture and Recreation Park is the tallest Ferris wheel in Russia. It was engineered by Vladimir Gnezdilov, the same renowned engineer who created the 73-metre Ferris wheel for Moscow’s 850th anniversary in 1995. The Sochi Ferris wheel takes you 80 metres up in a closed or open seat. You enjoy a breathtaking view of the Caucasus Mountains, the meandering seaboard, the city down below, and the limitless expanse of the sea. Perhaps the best time to take a ride is at sunset, when the sky slowly reddens as it receives the last rays of the drowning sun.

Founded in 1975, the park was planted with all kinds of exotic trees that provide ample shade in the summer heat. Amusements in the park are concentrated within the “ride city,” which is closer to the sea. There are also a few cafés and outdoor stages, where Russian pop acts perform and all kinds of festivals happen in summer.