Culture & Recreation Park in Adlersky District

Artur Lebedev/ТАSS
The facilities you can find in this large park in downtown Adler include rides, a performing stage which doubles as dance floor, some sports grounds, and a green area with fountains. The Soviet aura is still very much alive in this park, opened in 1980. The old-timey rides and swings like Orbita, Kolokolchik, Solnyshko, Lodochki, as well as the vintage shooting gallery and Hall of Mirrors win the kids’ love as surely as they make the grown-ups feel nostalgic.  Modern trampolines and swings seem to coexist peacefully with those dinosaurs. This park is where the people of Adler go en masse on holidays. It was designated as one of the urban activity Live Sites for the 2014 Olympic Summer Games in Sochi.