Ice stadium Iceberg

Artur Lebedev/ТАSS

The white-blue Iceberg stadium is the most colorful venue in the Olympic park. It attracts tourists attention right away and seems that it has come from the sea depth with its specific design. It was built especially for the 2014 Olympic games for the performances of figure skating sportsmen and short track competitions, which could be seen by up to 12 thousand viewers. One of the specific features of the stadium is that it has two microclimates: the one on the ice stage and the second for the stands, which allows the viewers to watch the show wearing light summer clothing.

The ice cover of the Iceberg stadium is unique, as it may change depending on the type of the competition held there – for figure skating or for short tack. Moreover, summer types of sports competitions may be also held there thanks to the special surface coating terracover, which is applied directly to the ice.

After the Olympic games in 2014 international and Russian figure skating, short track, dancing sports, fencing, sports walking competitions were held in Iceberg stadium. The ice shows of the famous figure skating sportsmen and producer Ilya Overbukh are regularly held there.