Bolshoi Sports stadium

Artur Lebedev/ТАSS

The famous ice stadium designed as a giant water drop in the Olympic park became one of the most popular sports venues in Sochi after the Games in 2014, during which the stadium hosted the main hockey play-offs in the Hockey tournament. On the Bolshoi arena the junior hockey championship in 2013, the First channel cup and other events were held there. Besides, the Bolshoi became a beloved place for various artists, who perform shows right on the stadium.

In 2014 the hosts of the stadium were hockey players, while the local club Sochi, participating in the Continental league, made this stadium a home venue. During the play-offs on the stands, designed for 12 thousand people, there were almost no places left.

Bolshoi is considered to be the most modern and well-equipped ice arena in the country. Take at least its giant media cube, which is hanging from the roof. It broadcasts the best moments of hockey battles.