Southern Cultures Park

Artur Lebedev / TASS

Adler is rightfully proud of its century-old Southern Cultures Park, whose beauty is equal to that of Sochi’s famous Dendrarium. The park was planted in 1911, on the lands of General Daniil Drachevsky, at his Sluchainoe estate, by the landscape architect Arnold Regel and gardner Roman Skrivanik. Using 11 hectares of land, they had created the park-and-garden ensemble with a system of ponds. Almost twenty years later, the park was given its contemporary name and greatly expanded. Since then, it has changed a lot, adding new wooden sculptures and plants, and remaining a favourite attraction for the local residents and resort visitors.

Southern Cultures Park captivates visitors with its combination of wide alleys, intersected by numerous paths and roads that can alternatively take you to the thicket of coniferous trees, or to some sweeping meadows, to exotic palmtrees and pampas grass, or eucalyptus groves. In the park’s heartland lie the large ponds with islets and bridges.