Ornithological Park

Artur Lebedev / TASS

The natural ornithological park in the Imereti Valley was established after completion of large-scale Olympic construction in place of the bogs and lakes, used by migrating birds for a stopover. Today, the almost 300-hectare park is divided into 14 clusters, and is known for both its nature conservation and educational efforts. The park is unique as it’s the only place in Russia with preserved Colchian-type swamps inhabited by many rare plants and animals. Despite its residential surroundings, the birds have all the comforts here. The promenades are set up far from the bird rest spots, and some of the especially important ponds are fenced off, so that the visitors don’t disturb the park’s residents. This helps to preserve the migrating birds’ habitual stops and to increase their population, as the scientists regularly note appearance of progeny. At the park, you can see swans and geese, herons and diving ducks, peregrin falcons and kestrels, along with many others. The lakes are inhibited by turtles and snakes.