Артур Лебедев/ТАСС
Sochi’s mountainous terrain and luxuriant nature are conducive to travel and outdoor adventure all year round. The mountain peaks, thick primal forests, turbulent rivers, waterfalls, caves and canyons draw thousands of tourists every year. There are dozens of trails and itineraries of varying length and challenge level in the Sochi National Park and Caucasus National Biospheric Sanctuary. Some of them require a special security clearance. Tourists go hiking in the mountains on their own or with a knowledgeable guide. Hiking routes are designed by private guides or tour companies. They will also provide the indispensable equipment and gear on loan and take care of the tourists’ meals on the route. 

Masterskaya Prikliucheniy

Tel.: 7 (928) 292 05 96

Website: extreme-sochi.ru

Aktivny Otdykh

Tel.: 7 (918) 300 01 23

Website: sochi-mountain.ru