Scuba diving

Валерий Шарифулин/ТАСС

Laguna scuba diving centre

Scuba diving is a popular activity on the Black Sea coast. There are diving centres in every Sochi district with access to the waterfront. With ten local operations in Sochi and Tuapse, Laguna is very easily the biggest scuba diving centre and school on the coast. Laguna is partners with rescue workers, researchers, submarine archaeological expeditions and Russia’s first underwater museum. Laguna has recently been made the training base of the Russian national free diving team. Laguna operates a school that trains professional and amateur divers, and offers scuba diving excursions to the bottom of the Black Sea.

Address: Nesebrskaya Ulitsa, 5, building 9, Central District

Tel.: 7 (862) 236 66 66, 7 (989) 750 50 97


Aquazone scuba diving centre

Aquazone is another major diving centre, located at Lazarevskoe. Aquazone provides training according to international know-how. It also offers scuba diving trips, sea fishing and underwater hunting.

Sotsialisticheskaya Ulitsa, 1, Lazarevskoe Settlement, Lazarevsky District

Tel.: 7 (918) 001 99 25, 7 (918) 302 01 95