The Alley of Heroes

Nikolay Galkin/TASS
The Alley of Heroes runs from the Square of Fallen Fighters down to the Volga. It features a stone monument on which are inscribed the names of the 127 Heroes of the Soviet Union who gained the title while defending Stalingrad. The architecture of the residential buildings lining the Alley of Heroes is a continuation of the style evident on the Square of Fallen Heroes: the seven-storey buildings are split into three parts with horizontal lines. The lower sections are solid, rusticated walls with large embrasures. Above them are three floors of smooth walls with symmetrical windows and balconies, before the final sections with their rows of wall piers. This makes the buildings look as if their facades are decorated with victory flags. The architects envisioned the Alley of Heroes as the grand entrance to the city from the Volga River for the many visitors who arrive by boat.