Nikolay Galkin/TASS
The town of Uryupinsk is symbolic of the provinces. In August, Uryupinsk hosts Fisherman Day, and in September or October it holds the Pokrovsky Fair, which has been bringing together local craftsmen for the last 200 years. The symbol of Uryupinsk is a locally bred goat with a particularly soft fleece. Shawls made from this fleece are believed to be the softest, warmest and most wearproof shawls there are. The shawls can be bought at the market which opens twice a week. The local population is made up of Don Cossacks who settled here in the seventeenth century. Their main business is goat breeding. Uryupinsk has a monument to the goat, a touching sculptural group called Seamstresses, and the Goat Museum.