Trek by the River: Nizhnekhopersky Nature Park

Nikolay Galkin/TASS
If you are spending a night in Uryupinsk, choose one of the campsites on the bank of Khopyor River. This tributary of the Don has lots of pike, carp, catfish and crucian carp, and is ideal for fishing. The best way to travel down the river is by kayak or by raft. There are routes of varying length and difficulty and anyone can participate, from trained athletes to children.

You can start your rafting trip in the area around Uryupinsk or drive downstream to start at Nizhnekhopersky Nature Park. The river's fast flow makes it possible to travel up to 30 kilometres (19 miles) a day. The landscape is constantly changing: impenetrable forests turn into plains, sandy beaches alternate with cliffs and chalk deposits.