Trek by the River: Ust-Medveditsky Nature Park

Nikolay Galkin/TASS
The picturesque Don and Medveditsa rivers that flow nearby are also great for rafting. If you choose to raft down one of these rivers, you can start your trip closer to Volgograd, near the town of Serafimovich, in Ust-Medveditsky Nature Park. As you head down the river, you will see Scandinavian boulders – granite blocks left over from the glacial period. The natural wonders include unusual white water lilies which are listed in the Russian Red Data Book of Endangered Plants and Species, as well as hares, wolves, foxes, roe deer, elks, muskrats and lots of birds living in their natural habitat. Ust-Medveditsky Nature Park also offers other types of recreation, including off-road safaris and fishing trips, bike rides and scientific and educational tours.