Zatsaritsynskaya fire tower

Alexander Zelikov/TASS

Historic Zatsaritsynskaya fire tower is located at the Kommunistycheskaya street. In the old days two towers, two fire towers on both sides of the Tsaritsa river overlooked Tsaritsyn.

One of the towers was under construction for a long time. First it was made out of wood and by the beginning of XX century was quite dilapidated. Local newspapers of the time often complained about technical deterioration of such an important building at the time. However, only by the beginning of the World War I, the city has obtained the necessary funds.

The fire station was built during the war, in the late 1910s. It was a two-story building with a watchtower. In the early 1930s the third floor was added to the building.

The building managed to survive during the Battle of Stalingrad. The damage was minor, so it remained almost intact until our time. Moreover, the building now has a fire station. A metal spiral staircase was preserved in the old tower, which is currently not used, and the upper deck offers a great view of the city.