Pre-war Barrikadnaya street complex of buildings

Alexander Zelikov/TASS

The part of Barrikadnaya Street from the railroad tracks to the intersection with Raboche-Krestyanskaya Street features pre-revolutionary and pre-war complex of buildings. Tramrails cross over the entire historic part of the street - this is the oldest segment of the tram road in the city, the only one that remains from 1913.

A group of five four-story buildings located at the address Barrikadnaya Street, 11, 13, 13a, 13b, as well as Raboche-Krestyanskaya Street, 34, 36. Built on the former Sennaya Square long before the war, they had survived the battle of Stalingrad.

A two-story hotel building of the Russia’s Internal Affairs Ministry is located on the right side of the Barrikadnaya Street - built before the revolution, it was once owned by Amirkhanov merchants. The descendants of this large merchant family, in spite of the seizure of property, continued to live here until the war with only one room for the whole family.

At the intersection of Barrikadnaya and Kozlovskaya streets you can see an unusual asymmetrical large five-story building with a colonnade in the arch and old pillars in the courtyard. This is a hydrolysis plant, built before the war. The building was damaged during the Battle of Stalingrad, but was completely renovated in the late 1940s.

Two very interesting buildings are located at the intersection with Sotsialisticheskaya Street. On the left there is a perfectly preserved fire station with a watchtower, built during the World War I. On the right - a house built in 1929. This was one of the first buildings on the streets to be restored, becoming a symbol for the start of the Barrikadnaya Street reconstruction and many other streets around.

The street ends with a railway bridge arch, which was constructed in 1897 and since then looks virtually unchanged, representing a remarkable example of the late XIX century transport infrastructure.