Guardian Angel Sculpture

Alexander Zelikov/TASS

Sculpture Guardian Angel of the city of Volgograd is located in the heart of the park named after Sasha Filippov. The author of the sculpture - Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Shcherbakov native to the Volga region.

The sculpture was conceived as a symbol of mending the broken link between generations of people of the city on the Volga River. Sketches of the future monument were approved by Metropolitan of Volgograd and Kamyshin German - he chose the image of the Guardian Angel by Sergey Shcherbakov.

The monument was erected on September 11, 2005 on the Volgograd’s Town Day by efforts of the city's residents and businessmen. “Holy Guardian Angel, pray for us” is written on the sculpture’s pedestal. The residents of the city immediately fell in love with the Angel. The tips of the Angel’s wings and toes became golden from touches of many hands.