Thirteenth Turret

The thirteenth turret is located on the territory of the Barrikady factory and is not accessible. The spot where it's installed is where the front line of the 308th Rifle Division led by Colonel Leonti Gurtiev passed.

The factory was the last major industrial enterprise built in Tsaritsyn, the original name of the city, before the Russian Revolution. It served a military purpose from the very beginning and was known as Artillery Factory. It was suggested that large-scale artillery systems, including those for the Navy, would be produced here. The first owner of the company was the British firm Vickers. The grand opening of the factory was held on 27 June 1914. The factory has gone through intense modernization several times during its history. The first upgrade took place in 1930. Another took place after WWII, and significant changes were again made in the 1990s. The Barrikady factory retains its military designation today and carries out orders made by the Russian Ministry of Defense.