Mariinskaya Girls' Gymnasium Building

Aleksandr Zelikov/TASS

Today a branch of the Federal Statistics Service for the Volga Region is located at house No. 1 on Volodarskaya Ulitsa (Volodarskaya Street). But just a little over 100 years ago the building was home to the Mariinskaya Girls' Gymnasium. In 1877 the women's progymnasium began operating on Ulitsa Petrovskaya (today known as Ulitsa Marshala Chuikova (Marshala Chuikova Street)), in this building, which was owned by merchant Alexander Repnikov. In 1883 the Ministry of Education approved it to be transformed into a gymnasium, thus becoming the first women's gymnasium in Tsaritsyn.

The school was named Mariinskaya in honour of the future empress Mariya Fyodorovna. Heir to the Russian throne and future Emperor Alexander III visited Tsaritsyn in 1877. The first male gymnasium in the city was named after him. The Mariinskaya Gymnasium was closed after the Russian Revolution. The building was redone in 1930. An 800-seat movie theatre hall was housed here and then it was turned into the Palace of Pioneers. During the Battle of Stalingrad the building of the Mariinskaya Gymnasium was not damaged much, but during the process of restoration work the outdoor decoration was lost.