Volgodonskaya Street

Aleksandr Zelikov/TASS

Volgodonskaya Ulitsa (Volgodonskaya Street), a little island of Volgograd's Old town, begins with building No. 3, which is a part of the Central Post Office complex. This street dates back to the late 18th century, to the construction of Tsaritsyn's Preobrazhensky Forstad (which was the name given to city suburbs back then), and its original name was Anastasiyskaya Ulitsa (Anastasiyskaya Street). All of the streets in this suburb were given beautiful female names. The building lines of Preobrazhensky Forstad were done in 45° angles to the old Tsaritsyn Fortress. Before the revolution of 1917, Anastasiyskaya Ulitsa was home to small hotels and guesthouses, and there was lots of trading. In the 1920s, the street was given its contemporary name, Volgodonskaya. Legend says that the name embodies the great Russian dream of joining together two great Russian rivers, Volga and Don, which was later brought to life with the help of the Volga-Don Channel.

Today, the ensemble of Volgodonskaya Ulitsa buildings is considered a cultural heritage site. The buildings have a common feature in form of eclectic fancy brickwork with Art Nouveau elements.