Bunker of Stalingrad Defence Committee

Aleksandr Zelikov/TASS

This bunker was built in 1941-42 by the workers of the subway construction company Metrostroy – at that time, near-front zones of City Defence Committees were created in 60 Soviet cities. Originally, the bunker housed the local headquarters of air defence and the central signal office. After the German army invaded the city, the bunker was turned over to the Stalingrad city authorities and became their command point. On September 14, 1942, the Germany military approached the Komsomolsky Garden, where the bunker is located, and the City Defence Committee was relocated to another city district. Today, the bunker's above-ground part is represented by two structures, the entrance and the ventilation shaft. The building's top level was restored, using the wartime blueprints. Restoration continues on the lower level of the building. In 2009, a memorial plaque was hung on the bunker, depicting Alexander Chuyanov, the head of the local Communist Party Committee, and the member of Stalingrad City Defence Committee.