Monument to Nikolai Gogol

Aleksandr Zelikov/TASS

The monument to Nikolai Gogol is the city's very first, and it is located at the Komsomolsky Garden, behind the building of the New Experimental Theatre. Gogol's portrait sculpture was unveiled at Tsaritsyn in 1910, in honour of the great writer's centennial anniversary. Originally it stood in place of the city's contemporary pylon with the Eternal flame. This portrait sculpture is one of city's four monuments that survived the Battle of Stalingrad. On its far side, one can see the damage from bullets and shell splinters. Other monuments that survived are the monument to KGB founder Felix Dzerzhinsky, which stands on the Felix Dzerzhinsky Square, the monument to pilot Viktor Kholzunov next to the Riverside Station, and the monument at the mass grave of Yakov Yerman and other Civil war heroes at the Komsomolsky Garden.