Monument to the Tram

Aleksandr Zelikov/TASS

The monument was unveiled in 2013, in honour of the city tram's centennial anniversary. This is an actual tram car, manufactured in 1932, an exact copy of the trams that used to transport the residents of Stalingrad in the 1930s. It was purchased in Saint Petersburg, where it was actually operated all through these years. Before it was sent to Volgograd, the tram car's interior was restored in accordance with old photographs. Before the revolution of 1917, Tsaritsyn had three tram routes that connected the city, spread out along the Volga River. The monument is located at Komsomolsky Garden, next to the former Pobeda movie theater. During municipal celebrations, the tram is opened to the public, and visitors can get in, sit on the original benches, and see how trams were driven before the war.