Monument Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of Tsaritsyn, Stalingrad and Volgograd

Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

In a pocket park which divides Prospekt Lenina (Lenina Avenue) in halves down the middle, not far from Predmostnaya Ploschad (Predmostnaya Square) there stands a commemorative monument, erected in 1989 for the city's 400th anniversary. The sculptural composition, created by Volgograd sculptors Yuri Yushin and Alexander Tomarov and architect Oleg Sadovsky, features two majestic statues of Streltsy soldiers, the founders and protectors of Tsaritsyn. The general outline of the commemorative monument resembles a Russian sword. The symbolic location is the old Tsaritsyn fortress, of which the serrated battlement tops behind the soldiers serve as a reminder. The soldiers hold a scroll in their hands with a message to the generations to come, "Our beloved town, centennials pass by, but your epic glory never fades, and will never be erased from people's memory. Our remote antecedents and our contemporaries, all those who have toiled for the benefit of our Fatherland or fought for its liberty, all ye steadfast and courageous, glorified and nameless – we bow to you this 400th year of Volgograd, we love you and remember you!"