Monument to Komsomol Defenders of Stalingrad

Nikolai Galkin/ТАSS

The monument in honour of the members of the Young Communist League Organization (Komsomol) who fought at Stalingrad stands at the cross-section of Prospekt Lenina (Lenina Avenue) and Komsomolskaya Ulitsa (Komsomolskaya Street). It was mounted to mark the 30th anniversary of Soviet victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. The composition, created using a copper raising process, consists of three statues of young people. The two young men and a young woman are shown grieving over the death of a friend. The inscription on the black marble-faced pedestal reads, "Dedicated to the Komsomol defenders of Stalingrad. Your heroism is immortal! Architect: Valentin Kalinichenko. Sculptor: Alexey Krivolapov. 1973."