Monument to Grigory Zasekin

Aleksander Zelikov/ТАSS

The equestrian statue of Grigory Zasekin, the founder of Tsaritsyn, stands in the park named after Vasily Simbirtsev, who was Stalingrad's head architect in 1944-1959. The statue was created by Vladimir Seryakov. From the height of his bronze pedestal, the city's founding father casts his gaze towards the Volga and beyond, from where hordes of nomadic invaders could attack any time in those days. Prince Grigory Zasekin (ca. 1550 – after 1596) was a prominent statesman, who became the first military governor of Samara, Astrakhan and Saratov. Zasekin was military governor of Tsaritsyn, too, and supervised the construction of the seminal fortifications here in 1589. The monument was unveiled on National Unity Day, November 4, 2009.