Monument to Lenin

Sergey Grigorenko/

Ploschad Lenina (Lenina Square) completes the boulevard section of Prospekt Lenina (Lenina Avenue). In the middle of it towers a monument to the leader of the world's proletariat, installed in 1960 for Lenin's 90th birthday. Ploschad Lenina was named Ploshchad Oborony (Oborony Square), or Defence Square, before. The Lenin statue was created by the great Soviet monumental sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich in collaboration with the architect Grigory Zakharov. It is a bronze statue standing on a granite pedestal symbolizing the turret of an armoured combat vehicle. The historical scene of the monument is Lenin delivering a speech from the top of an armoured combat vehicle in front of Finland Station in Petrograd in April 1917. The monument is the compositional pivot of the plaza, and it fits in harmoniously with the colonnade of Pavlov House (Soldier Glory House). There is another monument to Lenin in Volgograd, also created by Yevgeny Vuchetich. 

The statue of the Bolshevik leader in the vicinity of the first lock marks the symbolic starting point of the Volga-Don Canal. This is the tallest Lenin statue in Russia and one of the tallest statues of real persons in the world. The monument is 57 metres tall, while the statue alone is 27 metres tall.