Football Without Borders

Football Without Borders
A barrier-free environment for low mobility spectators
The World Cup in Russia will become completely barrier-free. It means that low mobility fans will encounter no barriers on their way to the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches. Special seats are provided for them on free trains, city shuttle buses and, of course, on the stadiums.
To be admitted to a 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ match, you need to bring along your FAN ID and your ticket.

4 ticket categories are provided for low mobility individuals: seats for wheel-chair individuals, for those with increased body weight index, for temporarily challenged individuals, as well as for visually impaired ones using dog guides. All tickets are available at the lowest possible price. Their prices correspond to the 4th category for Russian fans and to the 3rd category for foreigners. All buyers of such tickets, with the exception of those with excessive weight, will be able to receive an additional ticket for an attendant on a free basis.

There is also a special area for dog guides, however there are no areas for walking the dogs and no water bowls. The stadium authorities may ask one to present the veterinary card of the animal, indicating that all the necessary inoculations were made opportunely, as well as an official certificate confirming that the animal is a guide.
Trains, Shuttle Buses,
Last Mile
All free trains for the 2018 FIFA World Cup fans are equipped with elevator mechanisms and special comfortable seats for low mobility fans. It is important to note that it is advisable to reserve these seats as soon as possible. According to LOC Russia 2018, they are in great demand. By mid-May, every train had about 2 - 8 seats left.
Free low floor shuttle buses will run from transport hubs, railway terminals and airports. They are equipped with everything necessary for physically challenged individuals as well. These buses stop in the immediate proximity to the arena territory.
Special places are provided for low mobility individuals on the parking lots. Special category ticket holders are entitled to free entrance to the parking lot for every match on a first-come-first-served basis and depending on the free space availability. One can take the free pass at the special category ticket stand and in the Troubleshooting Area, bypassing other queues. The fans will be required to produce some official ID with a photo and a copy of the email confirming the ticket purchase.
2018 FIFA World Cup Arenas
As soon as low mobility fans pass the entrance pavilions and get to the territory of the stadium, friendly volunteers will greet them at once. Volunteers responsible for working with spectators are easily recognised by the large I letter on their uniforms.

Volunteers will offer them a seat in the comfortable golf café, specially equipped for low mobility individuals. An electric vehicle will get them to the special entrance to the stands.

Free wheelchair rent service will also be provided at the stadiums. It was tested during the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and proved in great demand: 204 out of 947 fans using wheelchairs who attended the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup used the service.
Inside the Stadium
There will be no barriers to encounter at the stadium proper: the door frames are wide, all staircases are equipped either with a small elevator platform or a ramp. A huge lift will get the fans to the stands. There will be just one corridor to go through to one's seat from the lift doors.
The seats for low mobility individuals are among the best spectator seats at the stadium, enabling a great view of the whole arena. During the matches, these areas will be watched closely by the stewards: the organisers pay special attention to the safety and comfort of the fans.
The arena provides an audio description commentary service for visually impaired and blind spectators. It is a real-time narrative of the events. The audio equipment is provided at the stadium for free. Hearing aid apparatus is available for hearing impaired individuals at the stadiums.
Every stadium has special lavatories providing maximum convenience for low mobility fans. They are located just a couple of meters away from the seats, so they are easily reached.
Food areas are located near the fan seats and are equipped with low level counters and a separate line for serving physically challenged individuals. These counters are marked with signs that catch the eye easily. Volunteers will also remain in sight, so that they could provide priority access to the food areas for the physically challenged individuals, if necessary.
Aid of Volunteers and Stewards
Wherever the fans find themselves, they can easily find the 2018 FIFA World Cup volunteers who received all the necessary training and are ready to come to their aid at any minute. They are easy to find, as they wear bright red uniforms. Apart from them, stewards can help fans at the stadiums as well.

No need to worry if medical aid is required. Medics will be on duty at the stadiums as well. Their skills, expertise and equipment will prove helpful in case of emergency. The 2018 FIFA World Cup medical teams have had emergency drills at the stadiums for several years.