Privacy policy

Privacy policy
Leaving information with (hereinafter referred to as Site), any private individual (hereinafter referred to as User) agrees to this Information Protection Policy.
Site administration highlights that in order to use the Site, including registering with the Site, it is not required to provide information which would allow identification of the private individual either expressly or by implication, hence relations with the Site, registration and information provided during registration, are not regulated by the Federal Law N 152-FZ.
The User may be granted access to the Site by filling out a corresponding form or using their account with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Ок.ru. After leaving their information with the Site, the User receives a message confirming successful registration.
The Site uses information provided by the User for the convenience of Users and copying saved information with the Site to the mobile app. Information may be disclosed in some cases according to legislation.
Site administration cannot share or divulge information provided by the User during registration and use of Site to third parties except for cases indicated by the legislation of the country from which the User conducts their business.
Technical information relevant to software operation as well as other information provided by the User will be accessible by the Site administration and may be used by the latter at its own discretion in ways that do not contradict existing legislation.
User information is inaccessible to other Users. Users have the right to alter and/or delete their information at any time.
The Site may contain links to other websites. The Site is not liable for the content, quality and information protection policy of third party websites. The present privacy statement is applicable only to the information posted on this website alone.
The Site retains the right to alter the Information Protection Policy without notice.