The biggest football celebration

The biggest football celebration
Volunteer programme
of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™
5844 volunteers
At the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017
17 040 volunteers
At 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™
15 volunteer centres
open in Russia
About the programme
What is a typical volunteer for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ like? This person is energetic, cheerful and oriented towards a healthy lifestyle. They speak foreign languages and are competent in various areas. They strive to communicate and work hard. Not too long ago, the volunteer movement in Russia was something relatively unknown and incomprehensible. But in the last few years, thanks to large-scale international events the country has come to know what volunteers do and why their work is so important.
Selection stages
Candidates for the volunteer programme passed through 3 selection stages: an English knowledge test, an interview and a test of their analytical skills and personality characteristics such as their ability to work in a team, withstand stress and communicate.
The results of the volunteer selection process for the
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™
Volunteer's role
Volunteers at the World Cup will help in 20 different areas.
Spectator services
By managing spectator flows, volunteers at stadiums will create a sense of celebration for the guests, provide them with all the necessary information and help them find their seats at stadiums.
Arrivals and departures
Volunteers will help greet guests at airports, railway stations, bus stops and other transport hubs.
Marketing operations
Volunteers will help run sponsors' marketing campaigns and catering services for the guests at stadiums, decorate venues for the World Cup and the Confederations Cup as well as navigate around these locations.
Volunteers will help arrange match visits by distinguished guests, and work at welcome stands in the official FIFA hotels.
Catering (food and beverage services)
Volunteers will help ensure catering service are uninterrupted, a full range of food and beverages is available, and dining halls are ready.
Television and radio broadcasting
Volunteers will take part in TV match broadcasts and daily operations of both Russian and foreign TV and radio broadcasting services at the International Broadcast Centre in Moscow as well as stadiums all over Russia.
Volunteer management
A team of volunteers will help in setting up headquarters and registering volunteers at the World Cup venues. They will also motivate volunteers and help with their training.
Volunteers will help arrange hotel accommodation for referees, teams and FIFA delegations, and coordinate information gathering from various LOC departments and pass it on to the guests.
Volunteers will need to help spectators at stadiums and ticket centres, and solve any issues connected with operations of these venues.
Medical services and doping control
Approximately 3,500 medical and doping control specialists will be working at the sports venues. Hence volunteers are being sought for the roles of medical assistants and chaperones.
Information technologies
A select group of volunteers will help radio broadcast service workers with service allocation, technical support and marking walkie talkies.
Volunteers at the accreditation centres will issue and hand out personal accreditation cards to everyone who is taking part in the Confederations Cup and World Cup preparations and staging.
Volunteers will help organise travel, monitor transport capacity and man arrival and departure zones in parking lots.
Volunteers will ensure that the ecological and public needs at stadiums are observed, and they will take part in organising and staging events of the social development organisation Football for Hope.
Volunteers will work with the team organising World Cup ceremonies, assist with navigation around stadiums and rehearsal zones, welcome and accompany artists at airports and hotels, help arrange premises and act as walk-ons at rehearsals.
Media operations
Volunteers will see how the best sport journalists work and will have an opportunity to assist them at media centres, stands, photo-ops, press conference venues and mixed zones at stadiums.
Venue management
Volunteers will assist stadium managers and FIFA representatives. They will help coordinate venue operations and work carried out by local organising teams and maintenance services, and also centre for managing incidents.
Language services
Volunteers will act as interpreters, help arrange simultaneous interpreting services at stadiums and the International Broadcast Centre, and translate urgent tasks.
Volunteers will meet and accompany guests, provide information on request and coordinate client services.
Team services
Volunteers will help organise pre-match team meetings, take part in preparing dressing rooms and equipment at stadiums and training grounds, and also assist in accommodating athletes and referees in hotels as well as arranging transfers to stadiums and airports.
Volunteers' stories
Ida Stupina
21 years old, Moscow

A fourth-year student of the Moscow Humanitarian University, School of International Studies in Business and Diplomacy

My volunteer journey started quite early when I was 12. The first thing I learned in this sphere was various social projects in the Youth Student Council of Moscow (MUS CAO). My hometown was evidently small for me (laughing). I went to the USA to help disabled animals (I won a scholarship under the Future Leaders Exchange program and studied in America during a year and got involved in the charity). In addition, I studied in the Red Cross organization on the "Life guard on water" course. When I returned to Moscow, I continued volunteering, and became a volunteer coordinator after participation in the numerous projects.

Being a volunteer for me is a responsibility, compromises, and the pride of being able to help your country in the organization of the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM. Just imagine that fans from all over the world will visit us! I have noticed that fans and football enthusiasts radiate incredible energy. I was impressed by the Chileans at the 2017 Confederations Cup, I could not help smiling them in return. All the fans are very open and kind. You can approach anyone and say, "Give a high-five to the volunteer!" And they will surely smile in return, "Yes, of course!" They just cannot refuse you and cannot help smiling as this is the common event, the common joy, and the common holiday. I believe football gives the important feeling for today - the entire world unity.
Timur Tufetulov
21 years old, Kazan

A third-year student of the Institute of International Relations, History, and Asian Studies of the Kazan (Privolzhskiy) Federal University, Translator
¡Hola, Bienvenido a Kazan! This is how I am going to welcome the Spanish-speaking fans who will certainly arrive in our city because the teams from Colombia and Spain will come to Kazan. In addition to Spanish, I speak English and German, I study Turkish, Japanese, and Czech. I wish the foreign guests appreciate our culture. I would play accordion with pleasure for the guests of Kazan during the breaks in my duty.

I think the volunteers should create the holiday atmosphere at such major events as the 2018 FWC. I started my volunteer journey in 2013 at the XXVI World Summer Universiade in Kazan. After that, I participated in more than 35 events, including the World Aquatics Championships FINA 2015, the European Badminton Championship in 2014 and in 2016, the European Championship on Professional Skills Euroskills 2016 in Sweden, and many others. In 2016, I was one of the initiators of holding the International Forum FISU Volunteers Leaders Academy and successfully presented the project at the Forum in France. I believe that the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ is a historical event, and I am glad to be a part of it. This is what I will tell my future children.
Svetlana Poletayeva
51 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

Graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod State University named after N. I. Lobachevskiy

Job: Tourism business
My daughter inspired me to be a volunteer. She is a volunteer with huge experience. I watched her and thought, "It is so cool, why did not the idea to become a volunteer come to me before?" Then I regretted that had not helped at the Olympic Games in Sochi...And now the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ is to come! I filed an application without hesitations, passed the interview, and became a volunteer.

I should admit that after a shift at the match, I cannot sleep for several hours (though I feel very tired sometimes) because you get such a drive and boost of energy! Just recently you heard a roar of the stadium, such powerful one that you feel crawling sensation. You may ask any volunteer about it and he/she will confirm these feelings, after which it is impossible to calm down. I suppose that the volunteers are people whose minds are attuned; they have a certain mentality and attitude to life. This is youth (your age does not matter), this is movement, the desire to communicate, and, the most important, help people and your city.
Tatiana Tarasova
29 years old, Samara

The Samara State University, lawyer and social work expert

Job: McDonald's, Head of office
I have quite a solid experience as a volunteer. Among the most memorable and major events are the World Summer Universiade in Kazan 2013, the World Championship on Ping Pong 2015 in Samara, the Preliminary Draw of the 2018 FWC in Saint Petersburg in 2015, and the World Youth and Student Festival 2017 in Sochi.

At the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM, I will gladly share my experience and useful recommendations with other volunteers. I try to give self-confidence to beginners in this business, to tune them to a productive shift, to remove the possible awkwardness. Volunteering is more than just a creative escape for me. This is an important stage and necessary experience for me. As it happens, it is very important for me to feel useful. This feeling is doubled at the 2018 FWC. Perhaps, my upbringing affects: if you can help anyone, do not delay, do not think it over, just do help. Despite the fact that my job is very important and the schedule is quite tense, I manage to engage in both social projects and event-related volunteering.
Daria Denisko
22 years old, Rostov-on-Don

A fourth-year student of the Don State Technical University (DSTU), social and humanitarian faculty

Job: All Russia Association of the Deaf
I speak sign language, and freely communicate with the hard of hearing and the deaf people. I will be glad if my skills are useful at the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM. In fact, everyone is able to find common ground with the deaf and hard of hearing people. There is a small secret: if you pronounce some words distinctly and simple sentences, everyone will understand you. Any person can engage in communication. My first experience as a volunteer was the Deaflympic games in Khanty-Mansiysk in 2014 visited by the deaf and hard of hearing people from all over the world. This was the unique experience: I realized that some gestures can be absolutely different in different languages.

After that, I worked as a volunteer at Formula One Grand Prix Russia 2015 in Sochi, the International Film Festival Bridge of Arts, and the test match Russia-Croatia in Volgograd.

It seems to me that the volunteering is a small life, a micro world. If you are a volunteer, you are always welcomed. When you help other people, the feeling that everything you do is not in vain is strengthened. This is a pleasant insight.
Alyona Rabovskaya
23 years old, Ekaterinburg

A graduate of the Humanitarian University, Psychology faculty

Job: Volunteer Center, a manager of the transport service of the city volunteers
I missed the graduate prom for the sake of volunteering. I have no even tiny regrets! I decided that the participation in the World Summer Universiade in Kazan was more important than walking around the city in a beautiful dress with my classmates. Then, I engaged in volunteering and it had been absorbing me more and more like some sort of 'vortex'. The events changed one another: the matches of Ural football club, the Olympic torch relay, the FIFA Fun Festival 2014, the All-Russian Patriotic Festival Spring of Victory at the Urals Federal University in 2015, the Youth Handball Championship in 2015, the All-Russian Forums: Seliger, Tavrida, Territoria Smyslov... I understand that the volunteering has become not only a fancy and hobby but the meaning of my life. About 95% of my friends are volunteers. The volunteering has changed me a lot: I find it easier to communicate with unknown people and I have developed my leadership skills. The best is yet to come: the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM, the world's greatest event, which leaves no one indifferent. I am looking forward to this grand world holiday.
Lyudmila Borodulina
64 years old, Kaliningrad

A pensioner, a People's guide

Why did I join the volunteers? Why not?! Yes, I am a pensioner, and I will celebrate my 65th anniversary this year, but my soul needs communication with interesting people. I have worked all my life as a manager and have been involved in the social work. In the Soviet period, I worked as a secretary of Komsomol for ten years, and a secretary of the party organization for 12 years, the chair of the audit committee of the district Party committee, a member of the district Party committee bureau, an active member of Zdorovie group, a member of the district basketball team. When I retired, I passed the courses of the People's guide, and successfully presented my project on the region. Now I can conduct free excursions.

When I learned that Russia would host such a grand event as the 2018 FIFA World Cup, I firmly decided to become a volunteer. My family supported me. Moreover, my daughter and grand-daughter also joined the volunteers. We passed all the stages and were admitted. Thus, three generations of our family will help at the 2018 FWC!
Anastasiya Khavanskaya
21 years old, Volgograd

A third-year student of the Volgograd State University, Advertising and Public Relations
My volunteer history started like that of many other people with the entrance to the University. If somebody told me at that time what I would do and what places I would visit as a consequence, I would not believe it. I have never believed that helping people is something shameful, but I have never thought that the volunteering will captivate me so much. I started from rescuing and nursing homeless kittens. One "saved life" has lived with us for 8 years, by the way.

I participated in many large-scale projects; I saw 20 strongest drivers of the planet, 5 world-renowned football teams. I stayed on the one stage with Gregory Leps. I saw the President of the Russian Federation. The volunteering allows me to see the life from the various sides. I believe that as long as a person can help, he or she must do it. That is why I have been involved in the volunteering for 3 years and I know that I will never give it up.
Nadezhda Bespalova
40 years old, Saransk

The Mordovia State University named after Ogaryov, the candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Job: A member of the Union of Translators of Russia, the head of the Children's Football School UNIOR
Many friends ask me, "What do you need it for? You will not earn money on it!" I shrug shoulders and try to explain that the volunteering is a special state of mind. Just being in this sphere is important for me. Some people think that the volunteers are people who have nothing to do. This is a huge mistake. There are people who are postgraduates of the MGIMO, they have the higher education and candidate degrees. They are not the persons who have nothing to do. They are intelligent people, and this is their deliberate choice, which is made from the heart.

Football is my job and life for two years and a half: tournaments, coaches, children, football training methods. My son and daughter adore football. I could not ignore the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM. It is important for me to become a part of this fest. I really hope that the 2018 FWC is a burst of interest in football that will cause the development of this sport in our country.
On December 4, 2017, results of the country-wide contest Legacy of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Volunteer Programme, a socially significant project, were announced at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre in Moscow.

The contest began on October 20, and in order to take part in this competition, participants needed to come up with an innovative idea for a project, which would garner attention of Russian residents towards the 2018 World Cup and leave its mark on history.

These projects were to be transformed into tangible (art projects, places that draw in both visitors and city residents, open sports grounds, graffiti, zones in city parks, films etc.) and intangible (events, conferences, festivals etc.) legacy sites and Legacy projects of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Volunteer Programme (for example, tours).

Prior to the final contest stages in Moscow, an expert committee selected 26 projects, completed under the supervision of curators from the LOC Russia 2018, the Skolkovo Foundation, the Higher School of Economics and the Federal Agency for Tourism.
The best projects
In Samara, a video dedicated to Kuybyshev Square was filmed. The FIFA Fan Fest will take place on the square during 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™. The video clip became the first creative project of the Samara Music Guide team, a finalist in the contest of socially significant projects "Legacy of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Volunteer Programme".
In St. Petersburg the 50 day countdown to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ was marked by the flash mob training session, Towards the 2018 World Cup. All the participants had their energy levels as well as spirits lifted while taking part in the trainer-led football work-out staged to groovy music.
In Samara, the campaign Football Spring began as part of the project, Samara Lives for Football!. The aim of the Samara Lives for Football! project is to create an inviting hospitable atmosphere in the host city by decorating windows of residential and non-residential buildings with welcome stickers designed using the 2018 World Cup symbols.
Sochi hosted football freestyle masterclasses, organised as part of the project, Celebration of Football Freestyle, which had been one of the finalists of the "Legacy of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Volunteer Programme" contest. The master class was taught by Artem Zalaletdinov, a winner of Russia-wide and international football freestyle contests. All the participants had an opportunity to subsequently demonstrate their acquired skills during a contest for the best freestyler. Girls did not stay on the sidelines and were happy to dribble footballs, the youngest participant were only 5 years of age.

An informal contest for the seven participants of the Football Family 2018 project was held at the football and recreation park of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™. The seven families had an opportunity to demonstrate their dexterity and skill in football freestyle and teqball, a game that combines elements of football and table tennis in itself.